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Project Definition and Management

We enjoy opportunities to “make it so”.  To do so we work closely with a client to articulate the project and an effective work plan including tasks, participants, timeline, deliverables and costs.  With those components in place we can help oversee successful completion of the project on-time and on-budget.

Fundraising, Grant Writing and Capital Campaigns

We offer a comprehensive array of resource development services to sustain and enhance your organization. We have raised millions of dollars in gifts and grants for our clients' major capital projects as well as for their programs. We will help you clearly articulate your needs and prepare to meet them successfully whether it is with a full campaign, grant applications, or grant management systems. We can review and assess your grant before submission to ensure maximum consideration from any funding source.

Developmental Readiness™ and Evaluation

We have learned over the decades working with our clients that many could use help meeting the expectations of funders and stakeholders.  We call this step Developmental Readiness™ because it helps organizations become as competitive for resources as they can be. For example, we can offer board development assistance that includes board education and training along with strategic board recruitment programs.  We will help you strengthen your board by assessing the interests and capabilities of current board members, and recommending or developing training programs to make your board more effective. We have assisted scores of organizations develop and implement insightful strategic plans as well as marketing and fundraising plans.

Our independent program evaluations not only assess projects, but also help each client better chronicle their successes. We are known for creating innovative evaluation designs that include creative evaluative criteria.

Customized Training, Planning and Feasibility Studies

Each organization has unique characteristics.  Recognizing this, we listen to you. We then design customized training programs to meet your individual needs. Need a presentation at your next conference? Our president is a frequent speaker at regional and national meetings. Let SparrowHawk Consulting Company. Inc. work with you to develop lively and informative presentations for your organization.

Incorporation, Marketing, Management and Organizational Consulting

We can help you become a nonprofit corporation, and secure your group's tax exempt status. You will be eligible for the majority of grants only available to this kind of organization. We have also formed or reincorporated several for-profit entities like LLCs. We can help bring more resources to your business through a public offering or a business plan / development program. We will review your organization from head to toe and offer a complete, confidential report with concise, detailed recommendations for taking your group to the next level including increasing the return on investment of your development program.